Pastoral Leadership

Bonnie & Tamara Lebak

Bonnie is lead pastor of HCT and is pictured with her wife, Tamara, who serves the church in a variety of ways including as a worship leader and founder of the Psalms Project worship album and experience.

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Heidi Tobin & Jul Ines-Sullivan

Heidi is co-founder of HCT and is pictured with her partner, Jul, who serves the church in a variety of ways.  Heidi is our pastoral care and prayer pastor, as well as a primary worship leader, and minister of the word.

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Marsha & Christina Foley

Marsha and Christina have been with us from the very beginning helping to start the church. Today they continue their service to HCT in a variety of ways. Marsha takes care of our building, oversees special projects, and preaches when we’re lucky.

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Worship Services & Administration

Jessica Krogmann

Jessica is the Marketing and Social Media Director. She is also the Administrative Assistant to the Pastor. She even created this website and typed the sentence you are reading right now.

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Kendal Gann & Dana Trowhill

Kendal is the Media & Sound Director and is pictured with her wife, Dana. They both support the church with special outreach projects, weekly services and they host House Church gatherings.

April & Jerry Hammonds

April Hammonds is the lead Children’s Minister and is pictured here with her husband, Jerry, who plays guitar in the worship band. They are both active in the church community, and they delight in everyone they meet.

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Teaching Ministers

Bob & Kelli James

Bob and Kelli are involved as teachers and writers. Bob is our resident theologian and teaches on key Bible topics. They both support the church in a variety of special ways.

Chris & Erin McCabe

Chris & Erin open their home for House Church gatherings and dinners. Chris is also a minister and teaches in the services, together they have a house concert ministry called, Vox Pop Tulsa.

Spiritual Overseers

Rev. Carmen White Janak

Honey•Mommy•Rev a mixture of assumed and assigned roles. I’m honored to add Spiritual Adviser to this line-up.

Bishop Jim Swilley

Bishop Swilley has been in ministry since 1972. He founded the Church In The Now and METRON Community. He is a graduate of Southeastern University and has authored 16 books. College of Bishops for ICCC and TFAM, He has provided oversight to multiple ministries throughout the U.S., Philippines and Uganda. Singer/Songwriter, ASCAP member since 1985; Artist, Life-Coach, Motivational Speaker.