House Church Tulsa Kids: Rooted in Love. (Ephesians 3:17-19)

We create space for children to experience God through sacred circle time, holy listening, prayer practices, and blessing.

  • Sacred stories: We share stories and truth from the Bible in simple and interactive ways. We try not to over explain but rather to ask open ended questions and wonder with the children. We leave time for children to respond to the story through talking, drawing, writing, or creating.
  • Connection: We all need connection! Each week, children are learning that we take the love God gives to us and we share it by loving others. We are connecting and creating friendships at church through play and holy experiences.

  • Holy Listening: Children are constantly busy and when we slow down and create space for listening without judgement, provide symbols to allow children to form and process their thoughts in the presence of a caring listener and more importantly a healing and loving God, then healing, order and calm comes. God is in the midst and it is holy.

  • Each week, we bless the children by taking their hands, looking in their eyes and saying “thank you for sharing today, YOU are a blessing!” This is a simple yet powerful and sweet time.

  • We also share with the children that we can experience God through nature/creation and the arts (painting, writing, music, dance).

  • We know that the family is sacred and is where children grow and learn most. We want to be a resource to you and support you however we can as you grow together as a family.In a world where there is suffering, stress, and busyness all around us, we believe that these things will help your child grow spiritually to be able to become resilient and develop a relationship to God and others and to be rooted in love.