“I am the vine; you are the branches. If you remain in me and I in you, you will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” ~ John 15:5 

More and more, our society has reinforced a false sense of individual independence and one in which to ‘need help’ is sometimes frowned upon. Our society erroneously divides people into those who need help, and those who help. And that is not helpful! 

I often say that we are “needy people,” and I realize that folks cringe when I say it because it’s hard to hear, and it’s even harder to acknowledge! The ego does not like to hear about its neediness, or its dependence upon anything but itself! Ego wants to be completely independent. Fine by itself. Fine on its own. And without reliance on anything or anyone else! 

But the ego is not intended to lead your spiritual life! Your spirit is the leader. The leader is Christ Jesus, and the crux of that message is our complete dependence on God. We. Need. God. And without God, we. Are. Nothing. Ouch! Again, the ego does not want to hear that kind of talk. It sounds backward, limiting, and weak. 

And what if I agreed with you? That it is all those things? That it is weak and vulnerable, and dependent and reliant. But like the branch that is connected to the vine for its life, that is true reliance and connectedness. And it isn’t weak, it’s smart! For apart from the vine, you will die. 

Can you let yourself need God? And beyond that, can you stay so closely connected to God that you receive life, and become one, just like our text insinuates? 

To receive the help that God wants to give is so powerful and in reality, it’s a game changer. 


God I come as humbly as I know how right now, for deep inside I know I am needy, and lately I have been getting burned. I really don’t want to be tough, but that’s how I’ve figured out how to survive my life. But when it comes to you I want to receive the help you are trying to give me. I don’t want to refuse your willingness to help me. God, I want to say that I need you…can I say that? I want to get to a place where I can mean that from my heart. I am willing to be made willing. Let it be done, and let it be so. Amen.