“All of us, at all times and in every way, are getting exactly what we are committed to getting.” ~ Hendricks, Lasting Love

We all have a picture in our minds about how things should go. And by this I mean, we have a picture about our home life, our family life, our love life, our work life, our sex life, our recreational life, and the list goes on. And most of these pictures were shown to us, and imbedded in our minds, during our formative years growing up. We grew up around people that were living life, and we witnessed them doing it, and because of how we are wired, we naturally follow their example.

We repeat what we see, and by default we follow those around us. It’s basic human wiring, and we do this both consciously and unconsciously. This is what we mean by conscious and unconscious commitments. And at some point in your life, multiple points in fact, you may decide to differentiate from what you’ve seen. You may decide you want something totally different, or maybe even slightly different. And this is where the examination of your reality comes in. Because you’re getting, right now, what you’re fully committed to! 

Ouch! But here’s how it works, take a look at what isn’t satisfying you in any area, I’ll use a work-life example. Let’s say you don’t like your job, so for example say out loud, “I’m committed to not liking my job. I’m committed to not having a job that suits me, fulfills me or uses my gifts to give back to my generation.” This sounds absurd! How could you be committed to something like that?! Isn’t your job situation out of your control? Let’s think, where in your life would you have gotten the picture that your work life was to be unfulfilling, boring, hard or something you dread? Did someone in your life give you a picture of a sad and sorry work life?  

With this kind of honesty, you’re on the verge of a major life breakthrough. You and the Holy Spirit together can examine the areas of your life in which you’re dissatisfied, and release yourself to make a new picture for yourself. With God’s grace, you can stop recreating that same old, tired picture, and instead create a masterpiece that looks, smells, sounds, and feels more like the life you really want! 


Holy creator God, can you help me see a new picture for my life in the areas that you and I both know, I really dislike. Help me be honest with myself. I am so sad about these areas, but I hesitate to admit it. I look to you and would welcome your grace  to conceive of a different reality for myself and my family. Let it be done, and let it be so. Amen.