A trickle of compassion appeared at the point of my most painful problem. A culmination of years of training, researching, discipline and faith seem to come to a point but it was not really my doing. It was compassion, and yes, it was a shift but I don’t think I caused it. 

I was in the lowest, darkest valley of emotional pain and angst when somehow compassion trickled in my direction. And then another miracle happened, I received it instead of rejecting it. But I’m telling you that even the receiving was not wholly my doing because in that place I was hurting so badly I didn’t have the ability to receive on my own.  

The compassion began to woo me into being grateful for my body which has worked so well for me in other areas, and has carried me through so much in my life. I began to be grateful and thankful for all the things about my body that did work well, and do work well. I realized that my body wanted to be healed just as much or more than I wanted it to be healed. My body is designed to be in harmony with itself and with me. I began thanking my body for all the things it does well, and for eradicating infection...I began praising it, if you will, and loving it to health. 

I had heard about an essential oil protocol that included smelling 4 particular oils twice a day; rose, clove, lemon and eucalyptus. This became my touchstone each day, a ritual where I spoke to my sinuses and thanked God, and my body, for healing itself. It wasn’t magic, and nothing regarding my smelling and tasting changed immediately, but it was my attitude that changed, significantly. Everything about me concerning my problem began to shift toward gratitude, grace and joy. I felt the frequency of the energy in my physiology shift to a higher frequency, one in which healing is a natural result. 

Soon, I began smelling and tasting for 50% longer each day, and then 60% and then well into the evening I would still be tasting and smelling even after a noon meal (before this, after my first meal of the day, it would leave). I now smell about 75% of each day and while I don’t understand why it leaves each evening, I give thanks for the time it’s with me. And in the morning I do my oil ritual again with grace instead of angst and anger, which helps my whole countenance and attitude throughout the day. Day by day, I become the ready recipient of healing graces and mercies while gratitude and thanks lead the way. 

Prayer: Holy Healer, I still have so many questions about why, and I still feel the need to blame and accuse someone or something. But in this moment, I receive your compassion for me. I receive your grace. Help me choose gratitude for the things that do work well in my life and help me rest in knowing that I am healed by love.