Faithful Love

Margret Ruth Baker writes of the love of God: “The love of God is a beautiful experience and a sure possession.”

The question I have for all of us today is, have we experienced the love of God and made it our possession?

It’s strange to think of the love of God as our possession but the truth is, he desires for it to be just that. He gave His greatest possession, Jesus, so that we could in turn posses his unfailing, trustworthy, beautiful, constant and consistent love.

His love is not something that is deserved or earned, we simply believe that it is and receive it by faith. We have to forget the pain and suffering, sorrow and wounds given by mere human love and receive his faithful and trustworthy love.

We cannot give what we don’t possess. Jesus said in John 13:34, “…love one another as I have loved you.”

In order for us to give love in this way we have to receive it first. Many would say, “I have the love of God,” and I would say that the way we know we have the love of God is in the way we SHOW this love to others.

I encourage you today to search your heart, is the love of God your very own possession? And if so, how can you share His love in even more meaningful ways?