My partner, Marsha, owns a painting and wallpapering company in Tulsa.  For over 20 years she has fielded calls and emails that ask her to “restore” the old to make it new.  Whether it’s just a fresh coat of paint or new drywall, she approaches each request with personal attention to the individual and to the process.  And the restoration process almost always begins with needed repairs to the existing condition.  Sometimes she fixes cracks in the wall, or sands down areas that needed to be painted over.  She can never make anything look new without first fixing the old.  If she did, it would fall apart and, over time, look exactly like it did when she started.

The same is true in our relationship with God.  Many of us have wandered away, did our own thing, and in doing so we might not have done the necessary maintenance on our spiritual lives to keep it in good shape.  The good news is that with one call, God will come in and personalize your restoration based on what you need.  But don’t think for a minute that He’s going to come in and make things like they used to be.  Oh no!  He cares for you much more than that.  He knows that doing so would lead to cracks in the relationship and He doesn’t want that!  Instead, He’ll come in and fix the cracks; sand down the areas that need smoothed; soften your heart, and wrap you in His arms.  Whatever you need before that fresh coat of paint.

And just like Marsha’s clients must be ready for the restoration before contacting her, you will know you’re ready when you cry out to God.  He’s waiting for your call.

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