While on my morning run, I had the honor of observing a spectacular sunrise over the city of Tulsa.  At the same time the sun was coming up over the buildings, I happened to be close to a pond with an equally amazing reflection of the same sunrise taking place in the sky above.  I took note of how the colors of pond changed as the sun rose higher.  The pond became lighter and more colorful, reflecting the same red and orange hues of the sky.  I imagine that the water became a bit warmer in the areas that reflected the light and could even see more bubbles as the fish rose to the surface to take in the warmth.  You see, the pond never actually became the sun, just a mere reflection or image of its majestic beauty.

The same holds true for us and God.  In Genesis 1:27 God spoke and said, “Let us make human beings in our image, make them reflecting our nature.”  So what does this mean for us?  Even before Christ walked the earth, it was in God’s nature to love, show forgiveness, exude peace,  reflect holiness, remain faithful to His word, and to offer goodness and gentleness.  The same characteristics that God has possessed from the beginning of time are the same characteristics that are weaved into the fabric of our being.  And just like the pond never became the sun, we will never become God.  We can, however, reflect an unforgettable image of who God is.

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