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Dear House Church

Happy holiday weekend! I pray that all of the grace and peace you can handle would continue to flow and settle into your life and house, and into all your plans. I hope this email finds you healthy and hopeful! Join me in welcoming three new church members this week, and welcome to my informal, conversational, weekly-ish, Friday email! Here are a few things to note before sailing off to your 3-day weekend. 

Regarding service this Sunday..

Traditionally, we cancel services on holiday weekends because so many people travel, and the same goes for this weekend, except I want to try something creative I’m calling “Pop Up Church'' - it will be a safe(r) way to connect that will be comfortable for most. I’m trying this in the spirit of creative connection, and a strong desire to not repeat last year!

Here’s how I see it going: Pop Up Church at “Heller Park” in Tulsa, 9:00 a.m. THIS Sunday the 5th. 

Map search it, it’s off of I-44 between Peoria & Lewis.

Heller Park is pretty, and has lots of options for families to enjoy including pickle ball courts, play areas, walking paths, big trees and covered picnic tables.

You can make a morning of it! Look for me at around 9-ish under a shade tree with my guitar and Bible - we will sing, jam, pray and enjoy a time of ministry...maybe write a new song. 

You are invited to bring your instrument and play along (all acoustic)...It’ll be a casual, spiritual-refresher right in the middle of our holiday. See you there! Oh, and bring a chair.

Opportunity to help...

The next thing I’d love your consideration on today is help for one of our families, Lance & Kelly Kemp. The Kemps are from New Orleans, most of their family is there and was sadly very impacted by Hurricane Ida. They didn’t ask me for anything, but I felt moved to make you aware that they are now unexpectedly hosting a couple family members, temporarily, and may end up going down there to help clean up. Extra funds in the way of cashapp or visa/walmart gift cards would really help right now. At the very least consider sending a card with a note of prayer and encouragement. This was way too close to home!! Kelly: (704) 728-7284, Lance: (704) 728-7284. Their address is in the directory app if you want to mail something.

I think that’s about it for this weekend. Many are traveling and will be outside their typical groups, our words of health, protection and hope go with you and cover you. Have a wonderful time wherever and with whomever you find your self.

If you haven’t been around in a while, shoot me a text or give me a call! I’d love to catch up with you and hear what’s going on in your life. Or let’s plan to sit on a patio somewhere together.  Your wellbeing matters, and my deepest desire is that you stay healthy and hopeful. 

Community Announcements and Thank You's: 

  • Thanks for your generosity to keep the ministry financially healthy! We are able to keep the bills paid and give hospitably to those in need inside and outside our church. Together we bless so many lives. The ministry and message of our church will outlive the pandemic for generations to come! 

  • Coffee & Theology Wednesdays at 8am. Recordings available on the app afterward. This is a time to get deep with spiritual concepts and ask difficult questions.

  • Download our church app to access everything we’ve got going at the church, past service recordings including CAT, and you can give from there, too. Be sure to check out the “News Feed” and the “Blog” section of the app:


It’s the joy of my life to be in loving community with you. 

Love Insists, 

Pastor Bonnie