Dear House Church Folks, I want to let you know that Sunday morning church is back on Zoom for the remainder of the month. 

Our in-person service last Sunday was a wonderful experience. For those that came, you know what I mean, and for those unable to be there...we missed you!

But, in keeping with our “Phase One Re-Entry” approach, we are back on Zoom at 11:15 a.m. Central tomorrow till the end of the month. After that, we will make a new decision that is safe for us all.

I hope you log on in the morning. Make plans to Zoom with me even if you haven’t attended a service like this during the pandemic. It’s easy and more rewarding than you might imagine. Video is not the link and listen! 

And don't forget, kid's always meet first at 10:00 a.m., using the same link, for sacred story time. Share the link with your friends and invite their kids, too! Anyone can jump in and participate at any time.


God bless you abundantly with peace and health. 



Regular Weekly Details: 

1. Wednesday’s “Coffee & Theology” Every week at 8! Jump in and listen, or listen laster on the church app. You’ll love it. Meeting ID: 426 396 5521 

2. Sunday Zoom Service at 11:15  Details sent via text each Sunday morning (it’s always the same link, FYI). 

3. HCT Kids: Sacred Story Time Sacred Story time for 20 minutes. Sunday at 10am,

4. Church App & Offering: The church is strong and helping so many through your hands and feet. You are a blessing in every way. Keep the core and legacy of this unique ministry going for our children’s children. Give today: or download our church app which includes everything: