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Dear House Church, I hope you are well. It is already time to gather in person for church again! This Sunday.

This Sunday, May 2nd, at 10:30 a.m., the service will be held outside at The Benedict Park, next door to our church building at 12th/Utica. 

Gathering outside is part of our “Phase One Re-entry” plan for getting us back to church. Oklahoma COVID numbers are looking better, the CDC is lifting restrictions, and meeting outside this time of year should be no problem (please, no rain!).

I have a unique plan for our gathering this Sunday which will include a shadier part of the park on the grass, more safe ways to feel connected to one another, and more time to relax into the space...and get into our “spiritual groove.” I think you’ll enjoy the format, the pace, and the tone of the service.

This would be a good one to invite friends and family to!  

To Help You Plan:

We will not have food or beverages (trying to keep contact down) so feel free to bring whatever you’d like to sip or snack on during service. Bottled water provided.  

Chairs will be provided, but if you have a favorite lawn chair you’d like to bring,  please do that, and dress for the weather that day...casual dress is perfectly appropriate. And hey, does a picnic blanket sound perfect for you and the kids? Do that! This is family time in the park so be comfortable. 

Families will remain together for the service (no separate kid’s church or nursery). 

About masks, by Sunday they will be optional, and no longer required for outdoor gatherings, per the CDC. That said, this is a personal choice, and your agency will be respected and celebrated. Come how you feel comfortable and safe! 

About physical touching, we will have stickers available upon arrival to indicate your comfort level regarding handshakes/hugs/elbow bumps, etc. Makes it a little less awkward, hopefully!

I hope you can make it Sunday. And, I do hope that being outside makes it an easy, safe choice for you and your family to attend. In case of rain, we will text everyone the plan to join our regular Zoom church service at normal time.

If you have any questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to ask. 

ALSO, come early to hang out! Service starts at 10:30 but I’m sure the kids, and all of us, would like to run around and get the feel for everything before service starts.

See you Sunday!




Sunday, May 2nd, at 10:30 a.m. 
Church in the Park nextdoor to the church
Families, friends, kids...everyone is welcome. And this is a good one to bring a friend. 

Regular Weekly Details: 

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2. Sunday Zoom Service at 11:15  Details sent via text each Sunday morning (it’s always the same link, FYI). 

3. HCT Kids: Sacred Story Time Sacred Story time for 20 minutes. Sunday at 10am,

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