Dear House Church Folks, happy Friday and I hope this is the last email you check today :) so I’ll make this super quick. I want to invite you to join me for in-person services the rest of July, every Sunday, at 10:30 a.m.. !!

And this Sunday, 7/11, plan to hang out afterward for tacos and such from Don Francisco’s, yummy drinks, and pizza for the kids. The plan is to have the food served safely by people wearing gloves and masks :) I realize everyone is at varying levels of comfort around social gatherings, especially food. If you’re not ready to eat in a group, simply come to service. No worries at all.

Our church is thriving, and it’s a fun time to be a part of this community. I pray you are experiencing peace in your life, and I’m grateful that you are here at the House.

I promised this would be a short email, but two more things in case you missed the posts on social media, thing 1: HCT has a cool opportunity to be a church sponsor of “1946 the movie.” 1946 is a documentary that investigates how the word "homosexual" entered the Bible. Google it to watch the trailer, and if you’re moved to be included in our church sponsorship, donate via the church app with a memo “1946.” Our goal is to raise $500. As a church sponsor, we will be featured in the film end credits and listed on the sponsor page. We also will receive an invitation to a virtual release party. (I was moved to support this young director because she is doing this work all the while her Pastor-Dad opposes and actively preaches against it)

Thing 2: The Bryans’ Family could use our love via a financial boost as they have experienced a prolonged sickness and loss of income. Click this link to read the instructions for the best way to bless them. It’s fast and easy to support: Blessing Booster for The Bryans

I think that’s all for now. HCT loves to bless one another in so many ways. I’m forever touched by the generosity of our community. We have something really special together that is ever-widening, and increasing its reach.

And hey, if you haven’t come to an in-person service, or a zoom service through Covid, consider coming to a Sunday this month. I realize the first time coming back to something can feel weird, but I promise you’ll feel right at home. 


Love Insists,



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