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Dear House Church Folks, peace be with you and upon you as we prepare for an unprecedented presidential election in the midst of a pandemic. Grace be upon your spirit, soul and body as we move through the hours of this week.

That said, the election is not the reason for my email. I’ll try to make this brief, HCT’s Fall Festival Trunk or Treat, was a wild success on Saturday! We estimated nearly 400 people came through the event, which is not at all what we were expecting. I will say, it was a little frightening to have so many people converge upon the space at Chandler, especially in light of Covid restrictions, but we simply didn’t know the people would come the way they did.  And so, we did what we do and trusted Love’s protection around all of us as we served.

None of us expected so many people, and even though unexpected, House Church stepped up and stepped out to serve everyone with kindness, food, grace, and a lot of candy.

Lindsey House families were in attendance and everyone said they had a wonderful time. Some of our HCT kiddos gave away their own candy stash as the families just kept coming. I was inspired and moved to tears by the generosity that kept flowing from everyone long after the food supplies were gone. 

House Church, you stepped in to an accidental blessing on Saturday, and while WE didn’t know what we were stepping into, or signing up for, God knew all along and had our backs.. I often say that God has to “trick” me into the greatest blessings of my life, and this event was no exception. This was one of the coolest experiences we’ve had as a church.

To those who were there, THANK YOU! You really showed the mettle that you’re made of and I’m proud to be on your team when unexpected blessings hit. I’m happy to serve alongside you, anytime. 

Before I sign off, I want to invite you to give to HCT this month. I woke up feeling especially moved to invite you to sow into this ministry. We need to recoup festival expenses, and also, I know Love is expanding us, and including each of us in this special work, in this special church, to which we are called. I pray you are moved to give today: Give Here

Great job, House Church! Fall Festival 2020! 

Accidentally Blessed,