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Dear House Church Folks, this email is to cordially invite you to Easter this Sunday and to be sure you know the plan! 

This Sunday, 4/4/21, 10:30 a.m., will be our first time to gather as a church family since COVID!  The service will be held outside at The Benedict Park, right next door to our church at 12th/Utica (you remember where the church building is, right?!).

Bring your friends and family to this joyous service outside in the beautiful spring weather. It’s going to feel amazing to be together again. 


We will not have food or beverages (trying to keep contact down) so feel free to bring whatever you’d like to sip or snack on during service. However, bottles of water will be provided. 

Chairs will be provided for you but if you have a favorite lawn chair you’d like to bring,  please do that, and dress for outdoor weather in the sun. There are places to sit in the shade as well. 

Families will remain together for the service, and the kids will have a special meetup time with April, Jerry and the rest of their friends. Each child will receive a special gift with fun stuff and goodies (maybe to help occupy during the service!), but no egg hunt this year. 

Masks are recommended but not required in the outdoor space. And, regarding physical touching (I know our church loves to hug!), consider an “elbow bump” instead of a handshake; or maybe an air hug!  Another way to avoid unwanted touching is to simply bow and put your hands together at your chest as someone approaches you for connection. Let’s make this first gathering feel as safe as possible as we are all in varying stages of comfort regarding social reentry.

I hope you can make it Sunday. It will certainly be a service to remember after all this time apart.  I do hope that being outside makes it an easy, safe choice for you and your family to attend.

ALSO, come early to hang out! Service starts at 10:30 but I’m sure the kids, and all of us, would like to run around and get settled before service starts.

See you Sunday!



Sunday, April 4th at 10:30 a.m. 

Easter in the Park next door to the church

Families, friends, kids...everyone is welcome.