House Church

Here's my informal, conversational, weekly-ish email. My goal is to connect, inform and include you in everything that’s happening in our Church. There are lots of ways to connect at the House!

This Sunday: House Church on Zoom

Partly due to an unfortunate incident with a water line that burst and caused enormous damage in the church building, and partly due to a surge of sickness within our church family, we are going to hold our service on Zoom this Sunday at 10:30 a.m. (check the app for the link . . . it is the same every time). First Lutheran will be working on the building repairs and we will keep you posted on service plans moving forward. We hope to be back in person within a few weeks. Watch your email and social media for updates!

Updated Covid Guidelines

As Covid numbers continue to rise again, we are looking at updated guidelines for gathering in the new year. As Omicron has a higher transmissibility rate and we have hit a winter surge, epidemiologists are recommending that masks be required for indoor services again. We will continue to look to the CDC guidelines and make plans for gathering safely to protect the most vulnerable among us. It is important for us to stay connected and be in community with one another, and I believe we can do so safely!

Joe & Shane’s Wedding on Friday

Joe & Shane’s wedding is still taking place in our Fellowship Hall this Friday, December 31st at 2pm! The water line break affected much of the first floor, including the children’s area, but the Fellowship Hall is still intact and set up for their beautiful ceremony. If you plan to attend the wedding but have not RSVP’d yet, call or text Joe at 918-688-7776. Masks are strongly encouraged.

Opportunity for Hospitality

Several of our own are sick right now. If you are able to offer support in the form of meals, texts, cards, etc., please do! Find their information in the directory. Let’s hold them in prayer and let them know we are with them.

Christina & Megan Bryans Meal Train: 

Heidi & Jul Sullivan Meal Train: 

Sarah Watson and Kelly Kemp: they do not need meals but send them a text or a card to let them know you’re thinking of them! (harass them, please :))

Hospitality Ministry

Speaking of hospitality, this ministry is hopping at this time of year! Get on the list of folks who are “in the know” and able to leap into action to serve. Pastor Heid is in charge and makes sure that people get meals, love, prayer and care when going through surgeries, life changes, sickness and celebrations! Be on her team to share the love and care that this ministry is all about. Contact her to be on this team (next week after she feels better): 918-902-1930. For now, just click the links above to help out.

Food Pantry

Food pantry and community outreach: we are able to help so many families both monetarily and through our food pantry. When we gather in the church building again, please consider bringing dry goods to restock the pantry. As always, if you need anything, please take it! 

Final Thoughts

I believe strongly in the power of prayer. The next time you are on the phone with a friend, after the facts have been shared and you’re all caught up, turn to prayer. Pray for each other and for your friends. I believe that sickness passes faster and healing is restored more quickly when we put our faith together. 

We are people of forgiveness who continue to choose faith over fear, and we do this best when we have a friend doing it with us. 

Belonging to this community is very special. The love and support that is shared here is a mystery that continues only by tremendous helpings of grace and patience. Together, we walk through tough times, we heal, we rejoice, and we become the change we want to see in our families and cities. 

House Church is a spiritual hub for many. It's a spiritual homebase. So many among us have had a hard time through the holidays with sickness and other difficult circumstances, but we do not face those things alone. We have been covering you all in prayers of healing, peace, and hope, and I really want to encourage you to pray for one another - I can’t emphasize it enough. Our agreement together changes the atmosphere in our homes, our communities, and our cities.

Announcements and Thank Yous

  • House Church will be on Zoom this Sunday, January 2nd at 10:30am. 

  • Thanks for your generosity to keep the ministry financially healthy! We are able to keep the bills paid and give hospitably to those in need inside and outside our church. Together we bless so many lives. The ministry and message of our church will outlive the pandemic for generations to come! 

  • Coffee & Theology (CAT) Wednesdays at 8am. Recordings available on the app afterward. This is a time to get deep with spiritual concepts and ask difficult questions. Video call link:

  • Download our church app to access everything (including zoom links for services, which are the same every time) past service recordings including CAT, and you can give from there, too. Be sure to check out the “Audios” and the “Daily Devo” section of the app:

I hope to worship with you on Zoom this Sunday as we welcome the new year!

Love Insists, 
Pastor Bonnie