Hope In God

I heard a definition of bitterness last night that really struck me and it went something like this: we become bitter and disappointed when our focus is on how unfairly we feel we’ve been treated, and we forget God loves us and can turn the situation around for our good.

When we believe a situation is pitted against us that nothing is working in our favor and there is no solution that could possibly satisfy us, we can become bitter at God and at the people we feel have caused the trouble for us.

This is a hard mindset with which to live! It takes our focus off of God, our faithful, creative provider, and puts it on the unfair situation, or the way in which others have mistreated us. .

I found this scripture this morning, and the more I repeat it to myself the more hope it brings to me, Psalm 42:11, “Why are you in despair, O my soul? Why are you so upset deep down inside me? Put your hope in God. Once again I will have reason to praise him, my saving presence and my God.”

I love how this verse says, “Put your hope in God…for once again I will have reason to praise Him!”

We have two places in which we can put our hope, in God or in people. When it’s in people the potential for disappointment and bitterness increases. But when our hope is in God the potential for praise and thanksgiving increases!

Today let’s choose to lift our hearts to God, open our minds and put our hope in his ability to provide creative solutions to problems that we don’t know how to solve.

Meditation to get started: God, I know you love me. I know that you have answers and solutions that I have yet to consider. Forgive me for putting my hope in others and not in you. I am choosing now to release the bitterness and open my heart so that you can turn this situation around for the good of all involved. You get all the glory forever. Amen.  

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