Good Friday

Good Friday is similar to Black Friday in that the name suggests something on the surface that it is not, until we look a little closer.  Black Friday sounds ominous and bad, but actually it’s the day when retailers’ accounting books go from red to black because of so many sales, which is a good thing for them.   Good Friday sounds great on the surface, but actually it’s the day when we are compelled to look at the crucified Jesus suspended on a cross suffering a gruesome death bearing the weight of the sins of the world for all time, for all people…which is actually a good thing for us.  Join us as we reverence the awesome work of Jesus for us and for everyone today.  We look forward to celebrating the rest of the story with you this Sunday, outside at The Fur Shop at the corner of 3rd/Frankfurt in downtown Tulsa.  Service begins at 10:30.  See you there!

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