A Fresh Experience

I love to cook. Even more, I love it when a recipe turns out perfectly. Truthfully? When anything I do turns out better than I expected it to, I write it down, step by step, and save it. No matter what anyone suggests, I will do it exactly the same, every single time because in my mind, if I don’t deviate, it will always come out perfect.

This morning we sang a couple songs and in both songs the phrase, “Spirit of God fall fresh on us” hit my heart like a gong. The words literally stopped me from singing and I didn’t understand why. So, I started praying and I knew I was hearing from God, but it was different this time. Immediately, I thought about all the times that I had one those “goosebump” moments with God. Those moments have always seemed so perfect to me and this was different. It was a very matter-of-fact conversation between my spirit and the Holy Spirit.  And when I could feel myself getting frustrated that it was one of those perfect moments with Him, I felt Him comfort me saying, “If every moment we had together was the same, it would get boring.” This was a fresh moment I was having with God. But, because I am not perfect, I didn’t get very excited about the fresh moment… I kinda wanted the goosebumps. Then I realized this…

Last night I made an amazing salad full of fresh lettuce, tomatoes, avocados, cilantro, and chicken. It was perfect. On the menu tonight was steak, sweet potatoes, and corn. If I had showed up with the fresh ingredients from last night, it would have been good, but it wouldn’t have made sense for tonight. I needed something different to have an equally amazing experience at dinner. And at the same time, something different, something fresh, in my experience with God today.


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