Easter Eve?

“Easter Eve” doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as “New Year’s Eve” or “Christmas Eve” does it?  This day feels blank, void, dead and perhaps that’s the way it’s supposed to feel as we remember Jesus’ body in the tomb while his loved ones grieve; while perhaps his disciples feel duped; while those who trusted what he said simply go about their daily routine with a twinge of anger; perhaps a taste of bitterness; perhaps disbelief that he actually died.  Oh how we can relate! Oh the pain and anger of believing in something only to be devastatingly disappointed when the promises don’t appear to come true.  While we stay in the grey suspension of this day and hold the pain of dashed hopes, may we look forward to the rest of the story, and trust that He doesn’t leave us in our pain.  Join House Church Tulsa tomorrow morning at 10:30 outside at The Fur Shop at the corner of 3rd and Frankfurt, downtown Tulsa.  The service will be approximately one hour; there will be bagels, donuts, juice and coffee; LIVE music and a sermon.  See you there!

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