Dig Deeper

Recently I have started gardening.  It’s nothing fancy but I have a few herbs and a tomato plant that I tend to every day.  Now, I’ll be honest – I don’t know a lot about gardening.  Aside from water, sun, and soil, I have searched the web and asked questions to find out what I needed to do to grow the best plants.  The herbs started out as seeds and recently I had to transplant them to larger pots as their roots had no more space to expand and growth had stopped.   Common sense told me that if I pulled the plants out of the original container and just laid them on the ground, they would never receive everything they needed to grow bigger and stronger.  I knew immediately that I needed good soil and that I would need to do a little work and dig a little deeper to reach the nutrients the plants needed.

The same holds true for our relationship with God.  Digging deeper into His Word and spending time in fellowship with Him provides us with the nutrients we need to grow bigger and stronger.  And just like my little garden won’t feed me if it’s not growing, I can’t feed others if I don’t remain in the soil of a loving, living relationship with God.

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