HCT Kids

HCT welcomes all children to worship with us. We have a children’s space in the service with pint-sized tables/chairs and arts & crafts so the little ones can enjoy church too.

We believe that specific ministry to the teens is important and can make a positive impact for a lifetime. Teens ministry is coming soon!

HCT is committed to launching student ministries with a solid purpose, safety in all fun activities, and truth in messaging. We begin this journey devoted to share with youth a fearless gospel and to help families raise informed, purposeful, and relationship-oriented young people. Our young people have a distinct awareness of God’s love and their spiritual life purpose.

Our goal is to provide a loving, safe, fun, engaging, truthful ministry where young people learn feel God’s unconditional love and practice sharing this love with others. We believe parents, before any institution, are responsible for the spiritual nurturing of their children and HCT is committed to partnering and supporting families in this endeavor.


We believe Scripture is useful for teaching and guiding.

We believe honest, loving relationships have the most powerful and positive impact in a young person’s life. Modeling loving, open, honest communication and acts of love and kindness  will impact the kingdom of God for generations to come.


Church should be FUN, and we believe it’s a “sin” to bore a kid with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Therefore, it is our commitment to create a fun, exciting, interactive atmosphere in which young people can learn, love, and grow in their vibrant relationship with God and with each other.

We want to inspire greatness in kids by pursuing excellence in our programs, taking risks to be innovative, and honestly examining everything we do in order to remain truthful, relevant, and effective.

We believe spiritual growth happens best in an atmosphere of emotional safety, physical security, and sanitary conditions. We are committed to exceptional standards in these areas.


We believe that specific ministry to the teens is important and can make a positive impact that lasts a lifetime.

Teen ministry is coming soon!