“...and love your neighbor as yourself.” ~ Mark 12


Knowing that most of us are already familiar with this concept, let’s dive right into the practicality of this passage of scripture. 

How would you describe your relationship with yourself today? I ask this because as important as it is to practice compassion as we’ve been discussing, with others, it becomes even more important to practice first with our primary relationship, the one we have with ourselves! 

Traditional religiosity is outward focused and places all onus on the individual to perform acts of service and kindness to others in the name of God. It also places all the focus on the individual loving God first before everything else while failing to inform the person that all of that is impossibly unsustainable without first receiving God’s love for oneself. 

Compassion holds hands with Love and takes action together. The practice of being kind to oneself is something that is done in relationship with God, while God holds your inner self together, and you develop the courage to heal.

Does your relationship with yourself need compassion today? Do you need to be kinder to yourself, perhaps hold yourself in gentleness, and let yourself go free from the blame and shame loop? It has been proven that lasting change and sustainable courage to take risks grows best in an environment of unconditional love. 

Today, let the greatest compassion of all time lead you to a healed relationship with yourself that will free you to soar in your life without fear. 


Love of God, I want a better relationship with myself. You know, and I know, the stories I repeat to myself everyday that keep me weighed down. I want to be free to love myself, to accept myself, as I know that you accept me. Fill me with gentle compassion for myself today, and lead me to the truth about myself all with your lovingkindness and faithfulness. Let it be done, and let it be so. Amen.