There’s a story about a man who was an amazing tightrope walker. He traveled everywhere trying higher heights, and crossing larger chasms until his vast experience brought him to do his stunts across Niagara Falls. The crowd gathered one day to cheer him on and to get the thrill of watching the dare devil stunt. 

Back and forth he went across the falls, carrying different objects, until at last he pushed a wheelbarrow across as the crowd continued to cheer him on! He finally stopped at one end and asked the excited crowd if they believed he could push a person in the wheelbarrow across the tightrope, and they all screamed with positive feedback and begged him, “Yes! Please push a person across the tightrope in the wheelbarrow! We believe you can!” To which the man responded, “Who would like to be my volunteer?!”  

A holy hush fell over the one wanted to be his volunteer. 

Belief is one thing, but acting on what you believe is another thing entirely. This is a  cool story to carry with us throughout our day. I can imagine returning to this imagery and relating it to different aspects of life. 

For example, I believe this certain thing about such and such (fill in the blank), so how do my actions, my money, my time, and my thoughts demonstrate that this is what I believe? Do I believe enough to put my life’s expenses, and priorities, in line with it? 


Loving God, thank you for this picture of faith today. Walk with me as I relate it to various aspects of my life. Shine your loving light on these places and help me see what you see about me and all this stuff. I want my priorities to be in line with what I believe! Help me align myself, more than anything else, with you and your love for me. Let it be done, and let it be so. Amen.