How to Feed Your Holy Hunger in a Hurry

You have a busy life with a to-do list longer than a voicemail from your mom, and even going to church is just another thing you have to get done. And don’t get me wrong, you love it once you’re there, you’re always glad you went, but by Monday at 3pm all those good, spiritual feelings can be a distant memory. With everything you have to get done, with all the places you have go, how can you get your time in with God and feel spiritually connected throughout your week?

The trick is, being aware of our opportunities and jumping on them like a five-year old on a trampoline! Spiritual things are fast and fluid and in-our-face. But we can miss them if we don’t know what we’re looking for; every action of our lives can be one big prayer offering to God. The scriptures say that we are living, eating, and breathing epistles, living love letters written by God.

You might miss the most spiritual moments if you’re not counting that genuine smile you gave your co-worker, the mercy you extend your brother, that nice text in response to your mom’s voicemail, the dollar you gave at the corner, the full attention you gave that child, or the quick ball toss you played with Spot. These things are spiritual when done in love, and they count to God, so let them count to you and feed you spiritually.

Spiritual hunger pangs feel something like the following: you feel lacking and anxious, your brain is shuffling the same playlist of worries, simple problems keep you stumped, the opinion of others matter to you way too much, you want and need something but you can’t put your finger on it; get the picture?

You need to eat! Spiritually, that is, and here are a few suggestions besides the cool stuff you already do every day that you can count as spiritual!

  1. Listen to a good sermon on your phone while getting ready or while driving,
  2. Read a quick scripture from Colossians while your bread is toasting.
  3. Download praise music on your phone and sing in the shower.
  4. On a coffee break, offer a prayer of thanks to God.
  5. During the next break, tell Him you’re listening for His voice.
  6. Go for a short walk and smile on purpose.

God is doing life with you, so don’t be so hard on yourself and realize that your life’s moments can be turned into one big prayer offering to God. You gotta eat!