Fresh Inspiration

We have a unique opportunity during the first month of the year to ignite the power within us, using the fresh inspiration of the season, to realize more of who we are in Christ.

Adhering to God and His Word(s) becomes our launching pad, “…for without me you can do nothing. For those of you who adhere to me and my words take hold [become strong] in you, whatever you wish [are satisfied with] to ask for, you shall have” John 15:5b, 7 from the Aramaic.

Notice the phrase, “Whatever you…are satisfied with…you shall have.” It’s becoming clear to me, that much of what we receive from God, or experience as the over-arching theme of our story, is more determined by what we are willing to live with, rather than what God actually desires to manifest in our lives.

We watched God become himself in the life of Jesus on the earth; we beheld his glory (John 1). God expressed his nature, his intentions in Christ Jesus and gave us a beautiful example of how life could be. Jesus was the will of God in action.

Acts 10:38 tells us that Jesus was anointed with the Holy Spirit and with power, and everywhere he went he did good things for people, and brought healing to all those who were oppressed by the devil. God isn’t oppressing us, God isn’t putting sickness on us; God is good to us, God is healing us, God is bringing forth his life in us.

Becoming familiar with the revelations in the Bible, adhering to God by the Holy Spirit, and keeping an internal dialogue of prayer going in our heart, are ways to keep our mind open to receiving the good things God has for us in Christ.

During this month of fresh inspiration, be encouraged that God is for you not against you (Romans 8:31), and if you have been satisfied, or settling, with less than God’s good intention for you, you can begin changing that today.

Starter prayer: Father, thank you for showing me your good will for me in the life of Jesus. I want the life you lived in him to live big in me this year. I believe you are good and have good intentions for me. Open my heart to your Word, and please show me what it looks like to adhere myself to you. Thank you for all that you’re doing in me, with me, through me and for me. Let my life glorify you in all my ways. Amen.