Clear Lessons from a Muddy Creek

Growing up, we lived near a creek and I would sometimes spend hours playing there. Frequently, I’d come home with dirty socks or wet pant legs and occasionally a scraped knee thanks to the mossy rocks.

I loved to sit by the creek and watch the way it flowed, skipping over the small rocks, small ripples ever moving. From time to time, “stuff” would threaten the flow of the creek. A tree limb after a storm. Trash after a birthday party. A large rock from the middle school boys. The funny thing about the creek is, it didn’t let this stuff stop it from doing it’s job.

Maybe it slowed down, made a decision to go under, around, or even over the stuff. Maybe it spilled over the banks creating a new path for a short time. Sometimes, the strength inside the creek would actually move the stuff out of the way. A few times, I even helped the creek out by removing those obstacles. But no matter what, it never stopped and it never went back.

What’s your stuff today? What’s my stuff today? Do I go over or around it? Do I create a new path? Do I reach inside and find the strength to move it myself or do I let you help me move it? Let’s decide not to stop or retreat. Let’s keep going forward, no matter our stuff.